About Us

We are a team of professionals, sweet lovers, with more than 15 years since we produce the most delicious pastry, bakery and confectionary products for the Moldovan market as well as for consumers in Romania, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy.

From the first day, the quality of Panilino brand products remains the key factor in the company’s business.

To keep the taste of childhood alive, we preserve traditions and blend harmoniously with classical recipes, eco products and modern technology. The company employs over 300 people to bring you the sweetest portions of happiness every day!

We are proud that we are traditional, that we are refined and that our products are Made in Moldova.
Cakes, rolls, small cakes, pies, chec’s, all of the highest quality at the best price, and with the famous „Made in Moldova” title.

We are always at your disposal, both in stores throughout the country and at your command, for the most important events in life. We will make the perfect cake with love and soul so that every feast will culminate with the „cherry on the cake”.

THE BIGGEST CAKE OF THE REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA – 330 kg at the „Cherry” festival


More than 20,000 people attended the „Cherry” festival – a record number of participants at a festival ever organized in the Republic of Moldova. The cake produced by Panilino had a record size of 330 kg.

Within the participants of the event organized by Jurnal TV at the Botanical Garden were a lot of children who enjoyed various free entertainment. Hot-rolled up, pony rides, mini-zoo, visit to exotic greenhouse or parrot exhibition. Moreover, the little ones were trained in various competitions and rewarded with ice cream and water.

The surprise of the festival was the cake with a diameter of two and a half meters, and the height of one meter and 70 centimeters.

Approximately 50 kilos of cherries have been used to make the most delicious cake that people have been looking forward to. Cake has been shared for free.


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